Wadah Madrasah Pengalaman: Jawapan NUFFNANG mengenai ATM CARD NUFF

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Gambar sekadar Contoh.

Salam Korang...

Ingat lagi tak cadangan Wan tentang ATM CARD untuk pengguna NUFF tu..Skang Wan dah dapat jawapan dari pihak NUFF korang bace lah k..

Here is the response made to your ticket. Please do not reply to this email directly, use the link above
to reply.

Hi Ridduan,

Thank you for your kind suggestion.

Unfortunately, due to security reasons, we do think that cheque is still the way to go to ensure no fraud happens. In the cyberworld, there exist a lot of hackers or people with intention to steal hard earned money from our bloggers (cases in the past). The main reason why our bloggers did not suffer from any hacking activities is because of our payment system, via cheque mailed to their home address.

Imagine if the payment is by bank transfer or PayPal, then it would have been easy for any hacker to just hack into your account and change the account number or PayPal email. Once the money has been transferred, there will be no way to undo it, and there will be dispute over the issue.

With conventional matter of sending a cheque, the hacker not only needs to change the Mailing Address but also the Payee Name which will we will run a test to check if the request is genuine or a fake. Should it be a fake, it will not be done.

I hope the information I shared is helpful for you to understand why we chose cheques as our payment method just like what Google Adsense do.

P.S. We were away for a company get away from 6 Dec till 12 December. As there are a lot of tickets accumulated, we're clearing the ones sent in much earlier first. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to your end.

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Nuffnang Sdn Bhd






Unknown said...

ada paham , ada tidak.! hee
btw , tengs !

Rowena Zainuddin said...

rajin juak ktk beremel ngn cdak nuffnang..

Wan_hazel said...

Mohamad Amzar


Wan_hazel said...

Rowena Chasez

hahhaa..rajin xlah rajin wak..eheheh

Qhamel said...

ala.. baru nk exited ada atm card nuff.. cmtu smart kan?? gud idea la wan..

tp xpe la.. due to safety kte gak kn..

Wan_hazel said...


a ah..utk keselamatan kite..hehehe